15 Top Sexy and Naughty Christmas Cards

Christmas is approaching and we have collated a list of Christmas cards that let you express your love in a fun, sexy and naughty way. If you are a couple who hates cheesy love crap and prefers to bring naughtiness into your relationship and spice it up, this list of top sexy and naughty Christmas cards will be for you.


#1 “Jingle my bells. And I’ll guarantee a white Christmas.” Christmas card for a girlfriend. A funny and rude Christmas card that’s def not for children and miles away from traditional cards!

Naughty Christmas Cards - jingle

#2 “Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.” This is an awesome Christmas card as with this card you get two-in-one: a funny and naughty Christmas card and a scratch-off gift with three options inside the card (1. Erotic massage 2. Kisses all over your body 3. Oral pleasure).


#3 “I like big balls. And I cannot lie?” This is sexy a boyfriend or husband Christmas card.

Naughty Christmas Cards - balls
Send holiday wishes to your husband or boyfriend with this funny rude card.

#4 “All I want for Christmas is you… Naked” Sexy and naughty Christmas card. Simple and clear 🙂


#5 “All I want for Christmas is you (and your penis)” Surprise your loved one with a very special Christmas card this year. This card is printable, which means that you purchase a file that you can print at home. You will be able to download your files right after your purchase. Have an awesome Christmas card ready in just a couple of minutes!

Naughty-Christmas-Cards penis

#6 “I am not wearing any panties” Sexy and naughty Christmas card with scratch-off gifts inside the card hidden under silver color scratch-offs. Gifts are: “Erotic massage; Striptease; Blowjob.”


#7 “Time for bubbles and cuddles”


#8 “You… Me… Mistletoe. (Naked)” I like the minimalism that is seen on this card. Love it!


#9 “It’s not going to lick itself… Wink, wink.”


#10 “Meet me (and my vagina) under the mistletoe.”

Naughty Christmas Cards candy stick

#11 “I’d like to lick your candy stick.” Spread a little joy and laughter this holiday season with this awesome Christmas card!

Naughty Christmas Cards candy stick

#12 “You make me wet” Well, it’s quite a clear message, right? 🙂


#13  “Merry Chrismas, hot stuff!” Sexy and funny Christmas card.

Naughty Christmas Cards - hot stuff

#14 “Making your horny and making you smile are my two favority things”  Here’s a flirty and funny love card to send to that special someone this holiday season! ‘Tis the season for holiday greetings and this funny elf card is sure to bring a smile to your significant other’s face.


#15 “I am going to drain your balls tonight.” The dirty and rude card that will make a Christmas evening a naughty one. Inside the card, there are gifts hidden under the scratch-off with three options: “Erotic massage, Striptease, Blowjob.”


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