Looking for fun Steak and BJ ideas and items? We have plenty of options including sexy Steak and BJ cards, naughty games, sensual massage kits; everything you need for March 14th.

National Steak and BJ Day, celebrated on the 14th of March, is a satirical unofficial holiday invented by men in the USA as a response to Valentine´s Day when women are stereotypically showered with cards, chocolates, and flowers. Although we believe in showing your significant other how much you care on a daily basis and not only on some symbolic date once a year, why not indulge in this fun holiday and show your man how much you appreciate him (and his meat)? Read on to find the perfect Steak and BJ card for your partner!

10 Steak and BJ Day Cards

  • Blowjob Scratch Card. Although any man will be elated to have his pants pulled down when he walks in through the door and for his lady to start performing fellatio right there and then, this blowjob scratch card will add an element of intrigue and anticipation to really get his blood pumping.
  • Funny Steak and BJ Day Card. If you don’t like to cook, but you have a sense of humor, and your blowjob game is strong then this card is the perfect gift. He won’t be thinking about meat while you have his meat in your mouth, we can assure you of that.
Steak and Blowjob card OpenMity
  • Naughty Love Notes. I can’t stop sucking on lollipops today for some reason…These 39 printable love coupons will certainly make your man’s day. Get the foreplay started even before you get home with these naughty love notes.
Naughty love notes
Steak and BJ cards and items
  • Personalized Steak and BJ Day card. Build up the anticipation by making your man scratch off three options before he realizes his prize was steak and a BJ all along. Add a personalized message to make this gift even more romantic or dirty.
  • Happy Steak and Anal Day card is a great choice for those ladies who prefer to get it up their ass as opposed to sucking hard on that lolly-pop. Eww, gag reflexes, am I right? We’re sure no man would turn down this proposition either.
  • Steak and BJ Day. Lastly, this one is for the man to gift to his lady on Steak and BJ day if he’s doubtful she’ll remember the date. You prepare the steaks and have her take care of the dessert; it’s a win-win situation.

Funny Steak and BJ quotes and memes

In response to the flower and card giving on Valentine’s Day, American men have crowned March 14th as ‘’Steak and BJ Day’’ so women can return the favor.

I love you tender, I love you sweet, on March 14th, it’s all about your meat.

Steak and BJ day quote and meme
  • I don’t like to discuss my marriage, but I will tell you something which may sound corny but which happens to be true. I have steak at home. Why should I go out for hamburger? Author: Paul Newman
  • This Steak and BJ Day there is no one else whose meat I’d rather have in my mouth.
  • When he tells you it’s Steak and BJ Day and waits for your reaction.
Steak and BJ meme
  • If you need a special day for Steak and BJ, you are with the wrong woman…
  • March 14th is Steak & Blow Job Day! Here’s hoping both are well done!
Steak and BJ quote
Steak and BJ day message

Steak and BJ day items and games

Okay, so we know this day is all about putting meat (vegans and vegetarians can always opt for an eggplant or tofu steak) in our mouths. But also, why not make this day special for both of you? There should be a balance of give and take in every relationship, and these following games are a great way to strengthen that bond both emotionally, and physically. We’re certain your man will be thrilled to skyrocket your relationship to the next level.

  • Sex Memory Game. This erotic card game is a great way to drive your imagination in the bedroom and have loads of fun with your sexual partner. Sex is one of the most enjoyable activities you can share with your significant other, and this game will remind you how friggin hot you find them.
  • Tic-Tac-To the Bedroom. This kinky game for couples is a fantastic gift for your man for a happy and sexy Steak and BJ Day. Explore new sensations in the bedroom as you open up your minds (and your legs), enjoying every moment with each other.
  • Love Battleship is an upgrade to the classic battleship game. It includes naughty foreplay cards, intimate activity cards, and an element of competition to build up the heat even more.
  • Love Matching is a stunning and sexy board game that is perfect for those couples who have been together for years and wish to revive their sex life.
Love Matching game as sexy valentine s day gifts
  • Box of Burning Desires is a kinky game for couples to help you get to know each other better and set you in a naughty mood. It’s excellent for foreplay which will make the BJ experience more enjoyable for your man and for you. He will be so horny, he’ll definitely want to go for round two afterwards.
  • Date After Dark. This date night massage kit with two passion fruit-scented massage oils, a blindfold, and a scratch-off card with 3 types of massages, is the ideal gift for Steak and BJ Day. The blindfold will heighten your partner’s other senses, making each touch bring goosebumps, while the scent of passion fruit drives them wild.
  • Kissable Massage Candle. Who would ever refuse a massage? And a massage with a happy ending? Yes, please! This massage candle has a wild strawberry taste and smell, and it’s completely safe to eat, yum! Kiss him until he’ll be begging you to suck him dry.
Massage candle as sex gifts for valentine s day
  • Surprise Date Night Ideas Cards for Couples Even if you’ve been together for years, you should never stop having dates together, whether that be going out, staying home, exploring different cultures, or exploring each other. Oh, and the winner gets to choose a dream date, how cool is that?
  • Because Love Should Be An Action is a great choice for those who strongly believe in ‘’actions speak louder than words’’. With this fun card game you can show your partner how much you care about them with exciting and romantic activities, as well as 130 thoughtfully designed conversation starter cards. There’s nothing like a deep stimulating conversation to set the mood.

Just because Steak and BJ day is an unofficial holiday, it doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your man and give him some well-deserved attention (if he wasn’t aware of this holiday’s existence, that’ll make it even spicier). An element of surprise keeps the fire burning and there are plenty of ways to add some kindling to your relationship. We hope you found some kinky ideas to suit your liking on Steak and BJ Day 2022. Let us know how you will be spending March 14th! Which game will you play? What will you wear? How will you cook your steaks (or eggplant steaks)? Which meme or quote is your favorite? We’d love to hear!