If you’re seeking a spicy and kinky bedroom activity that you can craft within the comforts of your home, you’ve come to the right place! Sex dice provide a playful and adventurous twist to your intimate moments, adding spontaneity and excitement. In this blog, we will explore the world of sex dice, including how to use them and the different variations available, and tips for maximizing pleasure and connection with your partner.

What is Sex Dice Game?

Sex dice are a fun and interactive tool designed to add excitement and spontaneity to intimate moments between partners. They typically come in the form of dice with various suggestions or instructions printed on each face. Whenever rolled, the dice provide couples with creative ideas for positions, time, locations, body parts, or toys and actions to explore together.

Positions: The dice may suggest different sexual positions or variations that partners can try during intimate encounters. Examples could include missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, spooning, or any other position encouraging physical closeness and pleasure.

Time: Some romantic dice may incorporate time-related suggestions, such as indicating a specific duration for a particular activity or setting a timer to build anticipation or prolong the pleasure. It could range from quick, playful encounters to longer, more sensual experiences.

Locations: The dice can also suggest different locations or settings where couples can engage in intimate moments. This could include areas within the home, such as the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, or even outdoor spaces like a garden, balcony, or secluded beach. The idea is to encourage exploration and novelty in the couple’s sexual experiences.

Body Parts: These dice often feature suggestions related to specific body parts, promoting sensory stimulation and arousal. They may direct partners to focus on erogenous zones such as the neck, lips, breasts, thighs, or any other area that brings pleasure. The dice can be a playful way to encourage sensual touch and discover new sensations.

Toys: Romantic dice can also incorporate suggestions for using toys and actions to enhance foreplay. They might include ideas like incorporating ice cubes, blindfolds, feather ticklers, handcuffs, massage oils, or candles into your intimate play.

Actions: In addition, the dice may prompt actions like kissing, licking, touching, massaging, blowing, or any other sensual or playful activity that fosters connection and arousal between partners.

Sex Dice Rules

  1. Roll the dice: Take turns rolling the dice to determine the actions or scenarios you and your partner will engage in.
  2. Follow the combinations: Each combination on the dice corresponds to a specific action or favor. Adhere to the combination you roll without hesitation.
  3. Be open to exploring new experiences with your partner.
  4. Prioritize open communication and mutual consent throughout the game. Respect each other’s boundaries and comfort levels, adjusting the intensity or actions as needed.

OpenMity Printable Sex Dice

Revitalize your intimate experiences by incorporating this playful suggestion into your romantic evenings. Prepare to ignite the passion with your significant other using our complimentary, self-made printable game of sex dice, exclusively designed for you.

This serves as an ideal prelude to indulging in spontaneity and allows chance to guide your actions. You’ll have limited control over what you and your partner will do to each other. Simply roll the dice and discover the exciting combinations that await. Take turns delighting each other with intimate favors throughout the night, and the memorable moments will unfold effortlessly.

The printable sex dice is crafted with premium-quality graphics, ensuring durability and a visually appealing design. The dice are compact and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go fun and travel adventures. Additionally, the printable format allows you to customize the dice to your liking, tailoring the game to suit your desires and preferences.

We have provided a collection of six printable dice, each containing unique elements. You have the freedom to begin with a single die for a gentle start or embrace excitement by using all of them! Don’t hesitate any longer! Roll these sex dice and discover your intimate date night’s delightful and entertaining possibilities!

The PDF file includes 6 different foldable dice templates: time, body parts, actions, locations, toys, and positions

Sex Dice

The product is a set of five printable sex dice featuring various sex positions, adding fun and excitement to intimate encounters. These customizable dice offer a convenient and personalized way to explore new experiences and enhance pleasure in the bedroom.

  • 24 sexual
  • 60 erotic foreplays

The product is a set of naughty adult sex dice for couples designed to add spice and playfulness to intimate moments. These dice offer a playful way to explore various actions and scenarios, encouraging excitement and experimentation in the bedroom.

  • 216 erotic foreplay options
  • 144 sexual scenarios

Box of Burning Desires

This game offers an intimate and passionate experience by providing a collection of cards with various desires and fantasies to explore together, igniting the flame of desire in your relationship.

  • 170 romantic and spicy questions
  • 50 playful ideas to set the mood and build anticipation
  • 50 pleasure cards with watercolor illustrations
  • 36 fantasy scenarios

Printable Sex Dice Game

This printable set features a wide range of sensual actions and enticing body parts. Customize the dice to suit your desires and ignite the flame of passion in your relationship. Experience the thrill of intimacy with this downloadable set.

The PDF file includes 3 A4 size sheets with six different foldable dice templates:

Dice1 : The Action
Dice2 : Locations
Dice3 : Sex positions
Dice4 : Timer
Dice5 : Enhancements
Dice6:  Body Parts

The Exciting Intimacy Dice Game Spice up your love life with sex! This thrilling set includes four dice featuring actions, body parts, and locations. Let chance guide you as you explore a variety of sensual scenarios, whether it’s a passionate kiss or an erotic massage. Sex will take your intimate moments to new heights of ecstasy.

The dice are split into the following categories:

  • Where on the body?
  • Which sex act will you be exploring?
  • Which location?
  • Optional Kinky Fun
  • How many minutes will you be doing it?

3 x Sex Position Dice & Bonus Sex Coupons for Him and Her

This set showcases beautifully illustrated dice depicting various positions from the renowned guide. Roll the dice and explore new realms of pleasure as you engage in passionate and intimate positions. Let the art of ancient love inspire your intimate encounters.

1 PDF with 4 sex dice + 1 PNG with instructions

Gay Sex Game

The product is a set of gay sex dice, specifically designed for same-sex couples. These dice offer a playful and inclusive way for gay couples to explore new positions and actions in their intimate moments. With various suggestions and instructions, these dice aim to enhance pleasure and deepen the connection between partners.

Sex Memory Game for Gay Male Couples

This is a sex board game with gay sex positions and playful foreplay elements created especially for gay couples.

  • Sexy icons that stimulate the imagination
  • Includes both foreplay elements and gay sex positions.
  • Easy to play – just find the matching cards
  • Naughty level – it includes activities with adult toys

Lesbian Sex Game

Particularly designed for lesbian couples, offering a fun and inclusive way to explore different positions and actions in their intimate experiences. With diverse suggestions and instructions, these dice aim to enhance pleasure and foster intimacy between partners.

Love Battleship Lesbian Game

Based on classic battleship game rules when you have to guess your partner’s “ships” locations in their game grid.

  • 25 playful and romantic foreplay activities
  • 25 intimate activity cards illustrated with sexy watercolor paintings

Love Matching Lesbian

With this game, you can let loose and not have to think, so you can relax and enjoy life with your better half.

  • 36 game pairs of cards marked with different sexual positions and activities.

Sex Dice Online

Online sex dice typically provide a randomized selection of suggestions or actions related to positions, locations, body parts, toys, or actions. With a simple click or tap, the dice will generate a suggestion, guiding couples on what to try next or adding an element of surprise to their intimate encounters.

The advantages of online sex dice include the ability to use them anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection or a compatible device. They also often come with customizable options, allowing you to tailor the suggestions to your preferences or add your own ideas.



Take your love life to new heights with sex dice – the ultimate way to infuse spontaneity, laughter, and desire into your relationship. Get ready for an unforgettable journey of exploration and connection, one roll at a time! Order your printable sex dice today and start experiencing the thrill of seductive surprises!

OpenMity Printable Sex Dice for Couples